New extension – Size chart Magento and Magento 2
Posted on: August 14, 2015

Averun team has released new Magento extension – Size chart. Now buyers will know exactly what size to buy. Table of size will always be at hand.

We repeatedly have faced the challenge of determining the size clothing. We had to look for matching the size of the tables. Because determining the size differs in different countries. Manufacturers of clothing do not indicate the size of all the countries. We have to look for matching the size of the country on the Internet. It is not convenient and time-consuming.

Appears Size Chart extension for Magento 2.

Extension Magento Size chart by Averun allows you to have all the necessary data about the sizes at hand. Your customers can easily find their size. The application shows the table size is the active type of goods. That is, when viewing the shirts, the client sees the sizes for shirts but not for pants or shoes.

Size chart women top for Magento

Advanced editing tables sizes Manager allows you to add many sizes for different types of clothes, shoes or accessories. Admin sets the size in inches, and the customer can see in cm or inches with one click. At the basic extension delivery data available for the main types of clothes and over 20 tables.

Size Chart list on admin end


You can set the data for women, men, girls or boys. It is also possible to enter their group, for example, clothing for dolls or dogs. Base set includes different sizes according to the size of the system: America (US), Australia, Italia (IT), England (UK), France (FR), Germany, Japan, Mexico, Spain etc. Many measures: Neck, Bust, Waist etc. Many groups of the garment: Top, Dress, Suit etc.

Size Chart edit on admin end


Extension Magento Size chart by Averun very easy to use. The user is looking for clothes. On the product page, he clicks on the button «Size Chart». Opens pop-up with information. In the pop-up is a picture-layout with measurements and descriptions – what parameters need to measure to determine its size. For example, for women’s clothing enough to have measurements for Bust and Waist. The system stores the data entered by the buyer, there is no need to enter them each time you view the table size. System show your size in the table. The user can work with different units of measurement: cm or inches.

Size chart women top for Magento in cm

Extension Magento Size chart by Averun allow users to feel more confident and comfortable on your website. A happy user will certainly bring you more sales.

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5 thoughts on “New extension – Size chart Magento and Magento 2

  1. Hello,

    Do you develop your “Size chart” module for Magento 2 ? When it is available?

    PAULMIER Kevin

    1. Hello Kevin.
      Thanks for your question. We plan to release an extension for Magento 2 in the second half of September.
      Best regards, Serhiy

  2. i need to know where i can find the instructions of how to set up the extension.
    i have purchase it from you guys and there is not a singel instruction of how to install the size chart

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